Sardar, Gurmail Singh Ratia

April 1, 1940 ~ August 16, 2020 (age 80)



Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh   
I know Daddy is with Waheguru and his soul is at peace. My dad was a kindred soul, he was a naive optimist. He was a true believer of Waheguru. He loved his job as a police office and took it very seriously. He was a devout Sikh. Over the years he showed me what it meant to have true grit and how to keep on making progress in life no matter how hard the odds are. Not to mention he would formally dress up to go to the park with polished shoes. When I was little for as long as I can remember Daddy used to walk me to school bus stop or drive me to school. If he drove, the journey to school was 1 hour and he would give me all sorts of advice. Every single time our conversation would end with two of his famous quotes “ Save not where you must spend and spend not where you must save” & “ If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost”. I would often wait for these two phrases to come up so I can ask him what I “really” wanted afterwards (new calculator, computer, games etc.). Not to mention, hidden perk of being driven in a police car to school – no one would dare to mess with me at mighty age of 8. When some time school bus would not come, I used to thinks “no school today” but Daddy would bring his car over and drop all the children of bus stop #7 to school – talk about dedication.
My dad did not go to any fancy schools. He was self-taught and who believed in educating himself every day. He would walk or bike miles to go to school in Amloh, small town in Punjab India. We all got a great head start in life because of what he did during his early years. His command of English was exemplary, be it handwriting or spelling or grammar. He was a living dictionary, as all of us could ask him any word and he would spell it and explain its meaning. When I took my GRE exam for US, I really thought he should be the one writing it as he would ace the vocab/ grammar section. I am sure if he read what I wrote today he would be red lining this word by word. So I am going to read to you from his letters that he wrote to me in the 90’s. I am sure he would have wanted to give his grandchildren ( Sukhjan, Sehar and Rocky) this advice, specially to Sukhjan who is about to enter college this year
“Lots of love, I am sending you your fee etc. I have sent the original draft to Kaka. She would prepare the fee draft of Rs30500 and a separate draft will have to be made for your room charges” Knowing me I probably stopped reading at this point as Dad had already send the money.
So I am going to read it completely today. Letter continues….
Rest, I may advice you to be very very careful about your health, character and studies. You should always remember of your mission for which you are away and undergoing all stress. Please do hard work for future achievement of “Goal”. Don’t worry about money; you will always get the same. Don’t economize on studies.
Don’t miss us much, rather you should pay full attention towards achievement of your AIM and focus all your energies on the same. You should leave no stone unturned in improving your personality and achieving the goal of roaring success. My son I am proud of you and I am sure you won’t let me down. You should take extra care to maintain good standard of health. Try to inculcate good habits and be disciplined person. I am sure you will care for my advice and show some signs of improvements in this direction. Now you know that we have sent you to such a far off place with some AIM for its achievement of which you should leave no stone unturned. This is career making period and you should make a judicious use of time slot. Try to company only of intelligent and gentle colleagues. Keep on writing all about your experience of day to day life and discuss any problem confronting. I know that once you make up your mind to get anything, you surely get it. Always walk on the right track. This is your testing time and you should shoulder to stand by our expectation
He wrote down 10 points for me to follow that I am sure he wants you to follow as well
·Any health trouble, consult the doctor immediately with your previous history
·Avoid taking things which are not suitable such as ice cream, cold drinks etc
·Try to have a light exercise daily and get good food, milk should be taken daily. Avoid fried food
·Pay full attention to the studies and regularly try to understand each subject thoroughly “ Best aid to memory is understanding “ Try to understand it well
·Be cautious and selective in choosing friends. Don’t trust unless you thoroughly know the person
·Try to get your room on first floor, pay extra if you have to
·Stay in touch with your local guardian
·Do write us about everything you feel difficult, we will sort it out form here
·Also try to talk to Kaka, she would also guide you about so many things
·Please do telephone call us every Sunday if possible
As we all gather here today to remember my dad and celebrate the life he had. I do know that we all feel the void that he left behind. He was the “Ultimate Giver” and we were all takers from him. All those who came in contact with him can attest to that. We can never give that much love as he did, nor can we ever recover from this loss. He was an ordinary person with extraordinary impact on all our lives. He even gave himself a report card on his 50th wedding anniversary, dad you did outstanding. I would end by what he said to me once “Once the man walks towards destination, the destination moves closer on every step you take towards it. “ May be we can all learn form him and do what he would have liked us to do- I love you daddy and dearly miss you and am forever grateful that you choose us to be part of your life

Yours Grateful Son,
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh



Our beloved father Sardar Gurmail Singh Ratia S/o Late Sardar Puran Singh and Sardarni Bachan Kaur Ratia born in a Sikh family on 1st April 1940, in V. Rajgarh Channa Punjab India. Being the youngest of the 6 brothers and sister, dad was brought up in a very protective yet liberal mindset. He married our beloved mother Nasib Kaur Ratia on 26th July 1970 at V Jawaddi in Ludhiana Punjab, and they both led a beautiful and content journey of 50 years together. A firm believer in Waheguru (God), and spirituality, he peacefully demised on 16th August 2020. Survived by his Wife Sardarni Nasib Kaur Ratia, Daughters Harmandeep Kaur Ratia and Harpradeep Kaur Ratia, Son Harsukhdeep Singh Ratia, Daughter in Law Sara Ratia, Grand daughters Sukhjan and Sehar Kaur Grewal, Grand Son Mansukh (Rocky) Singh Ratia.

Our dad (Mr. Gurmail Singh Ratia) attended schools in Amloh near his native Village and Nabha High School Patiala,Punjab India.  Later he completed Bachelors of Arts from Punjab University and attended Law School in Delhi University. Progressive and ambitious by nature he changed a few jobs before settling whole heartedly as a Police Officer in Delhi Police Services. He was directly recruited in Delhi Police services as a Sub Inspector and promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police over the span of his 33 years of his decorated police career.  He was awarded Presidents and Prime Ministers awards for his meritorious and distinguished service to the nation.

He was a keen contributor in various religious and rotary club organizations. He was a voracious reader, writer and narrator. Poetry and couplets of punjabi, urdu and english literature were on his finger tips. His deep interest in knowledge and spirituality was evident from his talks and his huge collection of books. He was constantly improving and moving forward with full swing in life. He was open and receptive to change along with being a very well grounded and humble person with a warm heart and smile. He was a people’s person who loved helping and meeting new people.  He had unconditional love for his children, nieces and nephews and always inspired and motivated them to be the best. He often advised the importance of education and encouraged all of us to explore life and pursue higher education.

Dad loved his work as a Police Officer. He had compassion with empathy and treated his coworkers with utmost respect regardless of their official hierarchy. He never misused his position over his subordinates or anyone and commanded their deepest respect. He forged a true bond in Police fraternity and treated his fellow colleagues as his extended family.

He loved traveling and exploring the world. He regularly visited his children in US and Canada. After retirement, he and mom moved to US to stay close to their children and grandchildren. He enjoyed every bit of life’s offering to its fullest! He was very fond of spending time with MasarJi (Uncle) Sardar Malkit Singh and was always eager to chat with him on daily basis. He was planning to go to a trip with him to India soon. He also spoke very highly of Happy Beerji (our first cousin), he cherished him as his son.
 Our hearts are still in disbelief of his departure. This irreversible loss is hard to bear. In spite of all the hard ships he faced due to his sickness in the last few months, he stayed positive till the very last and was a true fighter! Without him, our lives can never be the same again. His sincere message for his family is “Bury the past, live in the present and hope the best for the future”. You were the BEST FATHER we could have ever asked for, we all love you very much and will always miss you Dad!



I had never thought in my wildest dreams that I will be writing down your obituary so soon. I had always imagined you with a very long and healthy life. But here we are. Destiny brings us where it thinks we should be.
At this point I want to say thank-you for being my dad and ask you to be my dad in every lifetime. You were an ideal father that any daughter can dream of. I remember you taking me to school on your motorcycle and sending us to all the school trips without any hesitation. You were really ahead of your time and truly believed that there is no difference between son and daughter.
I just want to thank-you for all everything and I ask for forgiveness too if I ever hurt your feelings or didn’t listen to your advice.
I truly believe that you are around me and will always guide me like a lighthouse.
Lots of love and hugs Dad. Rest in peace Dad.
Your Daughter , Harman


APRIL 1, 1940 – AUGUST 16, 2020
[Sukhjanvir Grewal]:
This quote was something that we believe our grandpa definitely lived up to. Throughout his life, he had an impact on so many people, including myself. From being the only one in his family that went to school and got an education, to being able to have his dream job- which was being the chief of police in India. Himself and our grandma raised three incredible children together, and continued to have three wonderful grandkids. I can say, without a doubt, I’m his favorite. No, I’m totally kidding, I can’t be his favorite. Because he wasn’t the type to have favorites. He loved and continues to love all three of us. Constantly inspiring us to be our best and kindest selves every single day. To choose love, instead of hate. To choose laughter, instead of sadness.
And, speaking of laughter, our nanaji always did. If you were sitting next to him while he was smiling or laughing, you wouldn’t be able to help doing the same thing, it was so contagious. In the best way possible, of course. One of my favorite stories he told and laughed about was this one: When I was younger, my grandpa wanted to give me a present, specifically, a stuffed bear. Along with the bear, he happened to hand me a green piece of paper. What was the green piece of paper? It was a $100 bill. Me, not knowing what that is, precedes to wrap that $100 bill in half, and keep the bear. Now, I feel like many of us might react in a manner where we’re upset. I’m not joking when I tell you, this man starts LAUGHING. He started laughing that his first, and at the time only, grandchild ripped up a ONE HUNDERED DOLLAR BILL. And see, that’s my favorite part. Because, in any situation, even the worst of ones, he’d always find a minute to smile.
My grandpa believed that education was always the key to life. He’d never fail to sneak that into every conversation, including one of the last ones we had.. He had also known that I had a great passion for music, and he was proud that I did. I promised him I’d stay in school and study as hard as I could, but he made me promise him one more thing: that I’d work as hard as I possibly can to reach my dream; being a musician. He told me he wanted me to be the best musician I could be and to do it for him. I’m keeping that promise. And one day, he’s going to have a seat saved for him, front and center, when I’m winning my first Grammy Award.
[Sehar Grewal]
My grandpa was one of my favorite people to see. When I was little, my grandma and him came to stay with us for a few days. Every morning, I’d wake up and go to their room. He’d be sitting in the bed, all dressed up for the day. He’d always get so excited, but if I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure he’d let me win on purpose. This year, on my birthday, he told me that at some point him and I would eat cholay patura together. Just me and him. He went on and said that everyone else would only drink water and that it would just be us eating. I will never forget the sparkle in his eyes and the smile on his face when he told me. Sadly, we weren't able to fulfill that dream of ours. However, I’m still planning on putting a plate out for him and myself soon, so that we can live that dream together.
[Sukhjanvir Grewal]
Even though he’s not here with us, physically, I know that he’s watching us from heaven in his little grey suit and red turban, smiling his biggest smile, and cheering us on. We love you, nanaji.


Dated August 18,2020

Respected family of Late Sardar Gurmail Singh ji ACP Retd

It is with immense pain that I convey to you on behalf of our President Sh.Karnal Singh

IPS , Our Chief Patron Sh.T R Kakkar IPS and all members of the Delhi Police

Retd.GOs Association  and my own behalf , pay our Heartfelt condolenses on the

passing away of our colleague Late Sardar Gurmail Singh ji an esteemed personality,  a

lively figure and a very good noble Soul. We pray to the Almighty to bless the departed

Noble of Late Sardar Gurmail Singh Ji , with a permanent place at His Divine Abode

and the bereaved family with fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Late Sardar Gurmail Singh ji was an extra ordinary 0rdinay personality and a Great

person, who lived a life of restraint and dignity. He will be remembered as a kind,

strong and a very caring person. He was a very balanced and sound professional. We

will really miss him as he was always smiling and helpful to all.

Once again accept our heartfelt condolences. We pray to God to give a place to the

Noble Soul in His Lotus Feet .

Warm regards

Vijay Malik
Vice President DPRGOA 
(Delhi Police Retd.GOs Association)

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